About Us

Sara Lapan

Don’t let her youthfulness fool you, Sara has been swing and blues dancing for over 13 years. According to Sara's mother, Sara was a dancer even before she was born. Sara flipped through elementary school and high school, training as a gymnast. After retiring from gymnastics, Sara dabbled in many dances before going to college where she fell in love with swing dancing. Since then Sara has carefully studied and refined many swing dances (lindy hop, charleston, and balboa), blues dances (jookin’, ballroomin’, and drag), Argentine tango, solo jazz, and tap. While in Michigan, she performed regularly with an all girl jazz dance troupe. Over the years, Sara has been very active teaching dance (and math!) in the communities she has lived, from Michigan to Chicago to (now) Los Angeles.

Jeff Meyer

Jeff is known for being a fun, friendly, and approachable dancer who, as a good friend noted, “can’t keep a smile off his face on the dance floor.” In fact, focusing on communication and improvisation helps keep his social dancing fresh and exciting. Jeff is proud of his broad partner dance background -- having studied many swing dances, blues dances, Argentine tango, and ballroom dances -- and skillfully draws connections between different dance forms to inform his own dancing and how he teaches dance. Jeff has taught dance all over the country, and is known for teaching fundamental building blocks that are easily communicated and can be put together to create innovative and complex patterns. Jeff is also known for his knowledgeable, robust, and audience-pleasing djing -- many dancers have cursed him for keeping them on the dance floor with too many great songs.

Jeff and Sara - Together

Jeff and Sara have been dancing together since 2003. As dancers, they are known for being playful and musical. As teachers, Jeff and Sara are known for their engaging and carefully crafted style of instruction, clearly breaking down body movements and dance patterns. They strive to instill in their students their passion for swing and blues dancing as something fun, social, musical, and artistic. They have taught at local and regional events throughout the country. Oh, and they both have Ph.D.’s in mathematics, so they do that, too.